iSource Group and THINK^ Summits present…
THINK Tech Talks
THINK^ TechTalks

Thursday 24th October 2019
Avenue HQ, East Parade, Leeds, LS1 2BH

Top Tier Technology Talks

6:00pm > Arrivals
6:30pm > “Scaling an Engineering Team from 4 to 80”
6:50pm > Break
7:05pm > “Serverless Chaos”
7:30pm > Break
7:45pm > “You Did What?!”
8:10pm > Break
8:20pm > “Serverless Revolution”
8:45pm ’till late > Social


James Ridgway, CTO & Co-Founder, The Curve
“The story and challenges of scaling an engineering team from 4 to 80”

In this talk, James shares the stories, challenges and lessons learned in joining a company of 4 people and working as an Engineer and an Engineering Manager to help grow the business to an 80 strong engineering team based in Sheffield.


Mick Roper, Software Engineer, DAZN
“Serverless Chaos”

Serverless engineering is ‘3rd pillar’ in the cloud operating model, alongside VMs and containers. It introduces many benefits – minimal operations overhead being the greatest. For those of us who want to prove the reliability of our systems with Chaos Engineering, this reduced control can become burdensome. You’re still gonna get the dreaded 3am call, so it’s best to be prepared, and in this talk, Mick will share some simple ideas that can help you introduce chaos principles to serverless applications.


Oliver Leaver-Smith, Senior DevOps Engineer, Sky Betting and Gaming
“You Did What?!”
The (condensed) story of why using the wrong tool for the job is sometimes the right thing to do.

The company is ready to move to a cloud-first, container-focused way of working. It’s the DevOps dream. Except we don’t have a cloud platform to put these new containers on, and no expertise in creating one, and then there is the small matter of licensing restrictions stopping us from using any public cloud provider not based on an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. Oh, and another area of the business might just be investing a lot of R&D resource into creating a shared Kubernetes platform. Where did we come from? Where are we now? And what does the future hold? What’s it like to work on a project without mammoth scope creep? Most of the answers to these questions will be revealed.


Edson Ferriera, Head of Software Engineering, Lloyds Banking Group
“The Serverless Revolution”

In this talk, we will look into how serverless is shaping modern software engineering and changing our most stablished architectural patterns i.e. monolith applications vs event-driven microservices, as well as discuss the challenges and opportunities that a serverless computing model offers in the future of enterprise computing.

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