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THINK^ Summits Leeds / Tuesday 10th March 2020

Brian Wood MC

Military Cross Recipient, Sunday Times Best Selling Author “Double Crossed”. Major dramatisation about his life in production.

At the age of 23, Brian Wood was thrust into the front line in Iraq, in the infamous Battle of Danny Boy. Ambushed, he led a charge across open ground with insurgents firing at just five soldiers. On his return, he was awarded the Military Cross.

But Brian’s story had only just begun. Struggling to re-integrate into family life, he suffered from PTSD. Then, five years later, a letter arrived: it summoned him to give evidence at the Al-Sweady Inquiry into allegations of war crimes by British soldiers during the Iraq invasion of 2003.

After years of public shame, Brian took the stand and delivered a powerful testimony, and following the tense inquiry room scenes, justice was finally served. Phil Shiner, the lawyer who made the false accusations, was struck off and stripped of an honorary doctorate.

Brian speaks powerfully and movingly about the three battles in his life, from being ambushed with no cover, to the mental battle to adjust at home, to being falsely accused of hideous war crimes. Brian’s military experience has equipped him to deliver highly inspirational and compelling sessions, sharing his experiences from the battlefield and suggesting ways that the lessons he has learnt can be applied in the corporate world.

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Craig Fenton

Director, Strategy & Operations, Google UKI & Southern Europe

Director, Strategy & Operations, Google UKI & Southern Europe

With a 20-year career in technology and as an entrepreneur, investor and mentor, Craig will share his observations on the exciting new technologies shaping our landscape.

Focusing on the question: “OK Google, What’s Next?” Craig will provide the audience with an insight into the latest big tech trends and why they are important.

Craig is also an investor in and mentor of several start ups, and founded a record label to give young artists from lower socio economic areas their start in music. He also runs his own podcast and YouTube channel, “Coffee, Eggs and Inspiration”.

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THINK^ Tech Talks / Thursday 24th October 2019

James Ridgway

James Ridgway

CTO & Co-Founder, The Curve

James is an experienced Software Engineer and Leader of Engineering Teams.

He has worked across numerous technology stacks from android development and web development through to data science analytics and building distributed platforms of microservices. His approach to engineering is quality focused, with an emphasis on consistency, best practice and technical excellence.

James is a Software Engineer by training with a First Class Honours Masters degree in Software Engineering from The University of Sheffield. Throughout James’ career over the last decade, he has been a hands-on-engineer through to leading multiple teams building and deploying scalable applications.

Experienced in technical leadership James has transformed poor-performing, high-attrition teams to delivering regularly and consistently. In transforming teams, James has re-built team cultures, instilled best practices, embedded continuous improvement processes and empowered individuals and teams to achieve.

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The Curve
Mick Roper

Mick Roper

Software Engineer, DAZN

Mick has worked in software engineering for 10 years with companies of all shapes and sizes to deliver their goals, and currently a senior engineer at DAZN. As Mick’s experience has increased, he has come to see how building ‘highly resilient systems’ can sometimes be an afterthought in modern engineering, and is working hard to bring the disciplines of ‘high resilience’ and ‘chaos engineering’ to a world where we ‘move fast and break things’.”

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Oliver Leaver-Smith

Oliver Leaver-Smith

Senior DevOps Engineer, Sky Betting and Gaming

Oliver Leaver-Smith, better known as ‘Ols’, is a distinguished technologist currently working as a Senior DevOps Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. His topics of expertise include OpenBSD, automation, chaos and resilience engineering, and Nerf warfare.

He is also interested in security, privacy, opensource, decentralisation and federation, hardware hacking, and cyberdecks.

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Edson Ferreira

Edson Ferriera

Head of Software Engineering, Lloyds Banking Group

Edson Ferreira is a Technology Leader with over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering and Cloud Architecture. He has built Engineering Divisions from the ground up and is currently leading several Engineering Teams as part of a £3bn digital transformation project at Lloyds Banking Group.

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THINK^ DATA / Thursday 13th June 2019

Louise Bevan

Head of Business Intelligence, Vodafone

Louise Bevan has 20+ years’ experience in both Enterprise and Consumer markets and is a pragmatic leader of change, influencing performance through excellence in execution with a successful track record in engaging organisations to harness insight that will drive the growth agenda.

In her role, she is responsible to deliver business intelligence and cross company analytics to support growth strategies across all products and customer segments. She is also responsible for driving performance in on-shore and off-shore delivery models focused on quality and ROI and is accountable for UK data governance and SLAs with technology partners.

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Director, Group Data Sciences, Legal and General

Co-author of “The Data Driven Transformation Playbook” and “Chief Data Officer’s Playbook”

Peter is passionate about data, and about how data can drive innovation to transform organisations.

In October 2018 Peter joined Legal & General as Director, Group Data Sciences. Previously, Peter was Chief Data Officer at Southern Water and was tasked with developing and delivering a data strategy for the organisation. Before that, Peter was Head of Data at The Pensions Regulator (TPR), which regulates the pensions and automatic enrolment in the UK. So he has been through the mill twice in recent succession as a First Generation CDO. However, before joining the Pensions Regulator, Peter had been developing Data Strategies for businesses in the FMCG and Financial Services sectors for over a decade.

First and foremost Peter is driven by a strategic approach to data, and believes strongly in the value of demonstrating the ‘art of possible’ and expanding colleagues’ understanding about data management, data technologies, data science and data governance. Peter firmly believes that data strategies must have a business outcome and should be aligned to the business objectives. Given any opportunity Peter will talk about data and try to enthuse those he is with.

Peter is a specialist in Data Strategy, Data Technologies, Master Data Management Strategies, Data Governance Frameworks, GDPR and Data Science Strategies. With Caroline, Peter is the co-author of ‘The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’ published by Facet November 2017, and their second book ‘Data Driven Business Transformation’ will be published in March 2019 by Wiley.

Peter is a Director of Carruthers & Jackson which has developed DataTalks and the CDO Summer Schools and has been a keynote speaker and presenter on data strategy, IoT, AI and Machine learning, data governance, smart water networks, smart cities and data leadership in Holland, Germany, London, New York, Spain, Portugal, Johannesburg, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, San Francisco, Belgium.

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THINK^ Summits / Leeds / Tuesday 25th June 2019


UK’s No.1 Transport Advisor

Alan is a partner in Expert Alliance, a specialist strategic infrastructure practice.

Amongst his recent assignments, Alan served as the first VP of Global Business Development at Virgin Hyperloop One. He was the worldwide primary point of contact for cities, regions and countries seeking to deploy Hyperloop, not just to transform their transport, but to radically enhance their economic competitiveness.

In this leading role with the company building Hyperloop and making 1,200 km/h (760 mph) ground transport a reality, Alan has been deploying his top level experience of driving major projects and strategic business development with vision, precision and authority.

Expert Alliance is now Alan’s consulting vehicle. He established the practice to supply his consultancy services to clients. Expert Alliance also maintains a roster of experts in various disciplines whose specialist services are deployed under Alan’s leadership and direction when required for specific assignments.

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THINK^ Summits / Manchester / Thursday 28th February 2019

Vice President, Twitter

Bruce is responsible for Twitter’s business in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Bruce leads a team that are responsible for the development of Twitter across the EMEA. His previous experience includes time at Google and Youtube, being responsible for sales. Bruce has a reputation for leading a “world class sales team” (Campaign Magazine).

In addition to his day job, Bruce also runs the UKs No1 Business podcast on work culture, ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’. He has become fascinated by what makes great companies tick. This popular podcast digs deep into the DNA of work, talking to leading experts about how we can make our jobs more fulfilling, more productive – and much more enjoyable.

Bruce’s first book on improving work culture is due to be released at the beginning of 2019. In this he shares the fruits of his discoveries in 30 succinct tips that range across all aspects of 21st-century office life.